Ultimate Waxing
Ultimate Waxing

Female Waxing

Eyelash tint (24hr patch test) £10.00
Eyebrow tint (24hr patch test)  £7.00

Eyebrow wax and shape

Eyebrow Threading



Lip wax or threading  £6.00
Chin wax or threading  £6.00
Sides of face  £6.00
Cheeks  £6.00
Neck  £7.00
Nostrils  £6.00
Full face and neck (excl nostrils) £25.00



Half arms (inc hands) £11.00
Full arms (inc hands and shoulders £16.00
Hands and fingers  £4.00
Breasts and nipples £11.00
Half stomach  £7.00
Full stomach (breastbone to bikini) £10.00
Navel line  £3.00
Small of back  £7.00
Full back £16.00
Basic bikini (crease of leg) £11.00
High bikini (high sides and top line) £16.00

G string (butt crack, high sides

and top line)


Brazilian (full labia, butt crack,

leaving a small strip on top)


Parisian (full labia, butt crack,

leaving a small triangle on top)


Hollywood (full labia, butt crack

and top completely removed)

Butt crack only £11.00
Half buttocks  £4.00
Full buttocks  £9.00
Half legs, inc knees and feet £15.00
Three quarter legs, inc feet £19.00
Full legs, inc feet £24.00
Full legs and basic bikini £28.00
Feet and toes  £4.00
Backs of thighs  £6.00

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